Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Below are answers to the most frequent questions parents have about DPS ELA programs. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please call the ELA help line at 720-423-2040.

What sort of decisions will I be making at registration?

You will be choosing a language development program for your child based on the Home Language Questionnaire and what program services are provided at the school.

What if my child has registered at a DPS school in previous years? Do I need to complete new ELA forms?

You can choose to update your Parent Permission form if you wish to choose a different ELA program option, but this is not required. No other ELA forms need to be re-submitted.

What do I need to bring to registration?

When registering at a new school, you will need to bring: (1) child’s birth certificate copy or passport; (2) proof of address, such as a lease or utility bill; (3) and current immunization records.

My child went to school in (_____) country and was in the (___) grade. Will my child be in the same grade if I register him/her at a DPS school?

We work to place children in the same grade level as much as possible based on their date of birth.

What does it mean for my child’s education to be identified as an EL? A non-EL?

If you child is identified as an English language learner (EL), he or she will receive additional language services (extra help in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English). In an ELA classroom, your child will learn the same academic content as he or she would in a mainstream classroom. If your child is identified as a Non-English language learner, he or she will be enrolled in a mainstream class.

What if my child is misidentified?

If you believe that your child has been misidentified, reach out to your school’s secretary and request a meeting with your school’s ISA Team.

As a parent, how can I be part of the Identification conversation?

During registration, ask to speak with the ELA point person or a school administrator.

If my child moves to a different school, will he or she need to go through the identification process again in order to receive ELA program services?

No. Your child will remain identified as an English language learner until he or she meets the criteria to exit the ELA program

I received a letter from the ELA Department stating that my child has been identified as an English language learner. What does this mean?

This letter tells you that your child has been identified as an English language learner and provides detailed information regarding the ELA program you have chosen for your child. In addition, it includes the most recent assessments results measuring your child’s English proficiency level and overall academic achievement.

What can I do when my child is placed in a classroom that not correct for him/her?

Contact your school leader and ask to have a discussion with the teacher serving your child.

Why does my child need to take the ACCESS test annually?

Your child is tested every year to evaluate their progress in English language proficiency. He or she is tested in reading, writing, listening and speaking. These scores are also used to decide whether your child is eligible for redesignation.

Will my child be negatively impacted if he/she doesn’t take the ACCESS test?

If your child does not participate in testing, he or she cannot be considered for redesignation.

What does it mean when my child is redesignated?

When your child is redesignated, he or she has met the English proficiency requirements and will no longer receive language services. Additionally, he or she will be monitored for two years after redesignation to make sure that they are making progress.

My child has been redesignated and moved into a different classroom. Is there any way that they can stay with the same teacher until the end of the school year?

Your school’s ISA team can make this recommendation per your request.

Why is my child being monitored even after he or she has met English proficiency?

Your child is monitored for two years following redesignation to ensure that your child is making academic progress and no longer requires English language services to be successful in the classroom.

Why was my child re-entered into ELA services?

If your child is not making academic progress during the two year monitoring time period, the ISA Team may determine that he or she still requires language services. Parents should contact the ISA team if they do not agree with this decision.

What does Exit mean for my child?

A student who has been exited from the ELA program is considered fully English proficient and will no longer receive English language services or instruction.