ELA Zone Schools

Zone Schools make it easy to access the ELA program you choose

When English language learners’ home schools do not provide ELA services, students are eligible to attend ELA zone schools to receive those services.

TNLI Zone Schools

For Spanish-speaking students

If you choose an ELA-S (Spanish instruction) program for your child and it is not offered at your home school, you may enroll your child at the nearest TNLI zone school. To identify your nearest TNLI zone school, select your child’s grade and click on the links below:

Transportation to ELA Zone Schools

Transportation is provided to ELA zone schools according to DPS transportation eligibility requirements:

Elementary: Student lives more than 1 mile away from the ELA zone school
Middle: Student lives more than 2.5 miles away from the ELA zone school
High: Student lives more than 3.5 miles away from the ELA zone school

More information about DPS transportation eligibility requirements

ELA-E Zone Schools

For speakers of all languages other than English

When ELA services are not available at students’ home schools, students can attend an ELA-E Zone School to receive services.

Elementary: Place Bridge Academy, Isabella Bird Community School
Middle School: Merrill
High School: South